.NET Wrappers for VTK 5

Sample image of .NET control for VTK

This is a patch to the Visualization Toolkit, version 5.0.1 and 5.x, source to support building .NET wrappers within CMake for the Visual Studio 2005 environment. It uses Managed C++ 2.0 to wrap VTK headers. With these wrappers, you can use VTK from C#, Visual Basic (VB), J#, managed C++, or any other managed language. Included is a managed C++ Windows.Forms.Control to use in C# and VB Windows Forms projects.

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Using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and .NET 1.1?

Skala and Frank made wrappers for VTK 4.2.2. Since that version of VTK is no longer distributed, you can download it here.

Need COM/ActiveX Wrappers?

Kitware sells a package called ActiViz/COM which has COM wrappers for VTK. It is the only way to embed VTK into Office applications. This package is also a supported way to use VTK from .NET.